"My Children who are called by MY NAME, they will be saved"

We are called the YAHUWans, because we believe in YAHUW The Savior, who became YAHUWAH, when He received His Father's Name after HIS RESURRECTION!  

WE STAND FOR ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND LOVE FIRST IN OUR MINDS DAILY and we Worship The Eternal SUPREME Being, YAHUWAH, Who Created us and became also our Savior and our Teacher RUWach QadUWsha Spirit of YAHUWAH. 

Not false images or copies, Nor do we worship anything He created for us.  We make NO compromises for the sake of man or for the sake of people's convenience. We are NOT trying to make THE CREATOR and SAVIOR fit in with anybody's agenda or our own pocket, like the churches do!  

This is The CREATOR'S WAYS, not man-made and we are simply HIS Messengers called "MalakiYA", who brought you this website, with YAHUWAH RUWach QadUWsha to SAVE AS MANY SOULS from BONDAGE and ETERNAL DEATH as possible, because we have a CONSCIENCE and WE LOVE YAHUWAH The Father, who brought you here today BY HIS DIVINE INTERVENTION and HIS RUWach QadUWsha Spirit, to help you!  

YAHUWAH TRULY LOVES YOU and He wants to guide you back onto the narrow PATH, which HE ESTABLISHED for ALL OF US a long time ago already.  He is drawing you nearer to HIM and SHOWING YOU HIS FACE, just as you HAVE ASKED OF HIM in prayers.  He now wants to give you the "freedom of choice" again, which man-made Religion with Rituals and False Words, have removed from your life,  your mind and prayers a very long time ago already.  Many generations ago, in fact!

Who are “The YAHUWans”? 

Only the good die young."  In crisis times, they also die first. They are the unselfish servants who constantly put others ahead of themselves. They are the protectors of abused children, women and elders.  When danger comes, they are the first to go out to meet it. This is why you have never before heard of the YAHUWans, their Covenant, their Savior YAHUW, their nation YAsarel, their Almighty Creator YAHUWAH nor their Original Scriptures "The Word of YAH."  The YAHUWans began as the first people on earth in the garden "AHden."  In ancient times, they traveled the entire earth. Many of their laws, root words and customs still are found in every culture on earth. 

Their ancient creation Scriptures called "Bara Esh YA" told of the universe beginning with "an explosion" which produced primal energy, light, matter, the stars, spiral galaxies, the sun, the earth, green plants, water life, land life, animals and finally man, in that order.  Their third commandment was / is to establish a secure home, about farming and beginning agricultural loving supporting communities.  

They were the first to believe in and practice an earth without borders.  A Covenant was proposed between YAHUWAH and His Choosing People, all who would freely pledge themselves to His Way (The Covenant Word). The reward was resurrection from the dead to eternal life with Him through His MeoschiYAach (MessiYAH).  The people that chose to live and to witness about The Covenant gathered into His nation called "YAsarel" (Almighty YAH Reigns)

It was the first nation on earth governed by the same law for all, 4300 years before the AmericAHn Constitution and modern democracy which follows it. 

When they formed YAsarel, their nation, they welcomed visitors by giving them free food and shelter. No nation has done that since. The men were taught how to love and romance their wives for life. In a world of deceivers and cheats, they focused their love and passionate loyalty on their marriages. They kept their word and spoke truth. They had a calendar so accurate that it is within one tenth of a day accurate after 3500 years.  

Our 7 day-12 month world calendar today is still based upon it.  The YAHUWans invented batteries 2100 years ago for healing.  They were the only ancient people with no racism among them. Their government ran off of a flat 10% tax for all.  This covered all education expenses for the kids up to 20 years old and emergency medical aid.  Their social security system was a voluntary flat second 10% tax which completely eliminated poverty.  They had no homeless kids, neglected elderly or lonely widows among them. Everyone had a home and a family. 

Their military never fought an offensive war.  They homesteaded or purchased their land. Under The Covenant, they never lost a single war.  They compassionately gave shelter to the families of those armies who made the mistake of attacking them.  They preached and practiced "love your neighbor as yourself," given by El YAHUWAH 4400 years ago.  They knew how to avoid contagious diseases and stop plagues. Like the American Indian, they respected nature and its 

fragile balance, using only what they needed, leaving extra food in their fields, irrigated deserts and let the land and animals rest every seventh year. 

They were also amazing sea farers and pioneers, being the first to discover such places as the HimalaYA Mountains, ScandinaviYA, IndonesiYA, the AHwaiian islands and the AmericAHs. They were sailing and mining in the AmericAH‘s 2500 years before Columbus sailed in 1492 AD. They were building trans-oceanic ships 7 times the size of the Mayflower 2400 years before European colonies in the AmericAHs. The YAHUWans gave us the first written language and the Original Ten Commandments in their Scriptures 5500 years ago. 

Their king, elders and nobles revolutionized national politics by loving their people so much that they personally led their armies into their defensive wars, keeping their young men in the last reserves, thus lovingly protecting them and their young families.  Other nations and unbelieving peoples deceive and abuse their naïve youth by sending them into harm‘s way while the elders command them from safety.  Their faith was so well known in the ancient world that they gave us the world‘s widest used phrase (AHleleuYAH), still used in over 4000 languages today. 

Their Scriptures and ancient writings, still preserved in 13,000 ancient manuscripts, give us 50% of all treasured ancient manuscripts.  Yet amazingly, except for true Semitic scholars, YAHUWAH, the Creator in these writings, was virtually forgotten for 1800 years until He revealed Himself to a group of Eastern Youth Seekers in 2001 AD.  Their Scriptures actually predicted a long intense persecution full of violence and evil.  This is because, sadly, 2730 years ago, the priviledged nation of YAsarel left their former faith and Covenant. 

Their Creator, by His own Law, had to withdraw from YAsarel as His witness to the nations. For 390 years, He had forgiven them as they had wavered back and forth until the great nation of YAsarel lost its message, its first love, its Covenant faith and unique heritage and became overrun by Assyria in 721 AD.  YAHUWAH‘s answer to such tragedy was to send His Spirit "Exact Image Son",  into a  "YAH-man" called YAHUW the MeoschiYAach who would complete The Way of Salvation for eternal life, through being the spiritual sacrifice for human sins.  

These truths, veiled for 1750 years, are now ready for you to read and decide upon for yourself. Their Original Scriptures predicted that the YAHUWan nation of YAsarel, their Fabulous Faith to Eternal Life through their Savior, equal love and opportunity for all, positive faith and the return of "The Warriors of Truth and Love of El YAH" would return 2730 years later "in the Latter Days" when "knowledge would greatly increase" and truth be restored. 

In 2001 AD, 120 Word Seekers in the East were Called Out to begin the Latter Day Restoration of YAsarel. They were severely tested, adopting and caring for 1200 fatherless AbraYA orphan boys and defending them from hundreds of terrorists attacks in the high frigid foothills of the HimalaYAs. 94 of the original 97 men have been martyred in this cause.  

In late 2001 AD, they were given the precious restored Name of YAHUWAH.  In early 2002, they searched for and found in ancient eastern YAsarel 120 scrolls of The Original Scriptures in YAHUWan and Aramaic, prepared for us by the great MalakiYA (Apostle) MatithYAHUW (Matthew) and his fellow YAHUWans in 70 AD.  They were buried deep in the desert near the Euphrates.  They are now being studied and translated in a secure location in the East.  This is the first English translation from them. 

Exactly as foretold, down to the exact year and day, the YAHUWans of Covenant YAsarel, their message of the radical Ever-Loving Creator and His Covenant of Eternal Life, their amazing long forgotten Savior YAHUW The Perfect King, their fledgling nation, Restored YAsarel and their 5500 year old perfect calendar returned by the end of 2016 AY (3/20/2010 AD), all exactly right on time. This translation of the YAHUWan Original Scriptures King‘s Covenant into English is the first work of Restoration YAsarel and a continuing fulfillment of the restoration Latter Day prophecies. 

For the first time in modern English history, we are honored to present an accurate translation of the true First Century Original Scriptures for your study, application, teaching and blessing. We welcome your comments or questions e-mailed to DeborAH:  YASAREL@yahuwah.co.za