YAHUWAH also gave us the 7th Day of HIS Sabbath of Rest, HIS Eternal Covenant Sign of YAHUWans Being OBEDIENT TO and WORSHIPPING the Eternal Creator of All Creations as YAHUWAH COHEN GODOWL. (That is what YAHUWsha called YAHUWAH in MattithYAHUW 5:20.  

YA'sarel is therefore FREE to be the masters of HIS Sabbath in YAHUWAH The Savior, for HE is now our HIGH PRIEST and BELOVED ETERNAL KING.  On Sabbath we are not bound by the same fence laws as all the Religions teaches falsely before YAHUWAH The MeoschiYAach, not even as the Jewish Community follows Shabath.  

On SABBATH:  We must spread YAHUWAH's GOOD NEWS OF Love, Mercy, Grace and Healing of minds and hearts, telling and teaching our families and friends and children the GOOD NEWS of His Eternal Salvation and Forgiveness of sins of all people, even to all our neighboring nations WHO WILL RECEIVE US in YAHUWAH's NAME. 

We must have fellowship with YAHUWans and Seekers across the man-made borders, who will SOON ALL BECOME GRAFTED INTO YA'SAREL, by the Supernatural Power and Anointing of YAHUWAH RUWach QadUWsha being poured out onto all lovers of YAHUWAH on Pentacost (Bakkuwr) (23/05/2010). 

By fellowship and teaching, we help and encourage one another in UNDERSTANDING the DebariYA and equipping people TO SPREAD THE RESTORED GOOD NEWS ALSO in their own Languages and Cultures, countries and towns. 

We must also receive TODAY's PROPHETIC WORD FROM YAHUWAH, through His Chosen Prophets, to Enrich our spirits, and to PROTECT our Minds, AGAINST UNBELIEF of OTHER NATIONS and false Doctrines of their Churches.  

WE MAY NOT USE THE NAMES OF: "god", "lord", "elohim", "ba'aal" or "sun-gods",jesus, jahweh or jehovah, or any other names.  We may NOT bow down to or believe in any man-made images of "the cross", "any statues", "any rocks", "turims or cloths", "any money", "any stars", "any jewelry", "any artifacts" , "any symbols", "any people", no cults or sects or their images or icons or holidays, etc.) 

SHATAN (Human Nature in all minds without YAHUWAH's Torah controlling it) stole the fundamentals of THE FAITH of YAHUWAH Eternal Beloved KING of YASAREL, after the execution / death of YAHUW and HIS Resurrection 3 days and 3 nights after, while HE became YAHUWAH Eternal Beloved KING, through His Father YAHUWAH, who Anointed and Appointed YAHUW as ETERNAL KING over mankind, carrying HIS FATHER'S QadUWsha NAME FOREVER.  

When the Soldiers and The Sanhedrin, The Pharisees and Sudducees Priests, conspired together that YAHUW's tomb is empty, because HIS YAHUWans "stole His Body", which they knew was not true, but they paid the Soldiers to lie.  

At this point, they also rewrote Truth into Lies into their Talmud and so the Rabbis, chose to become YAHUWAH's Enemies by NATURE, until this day. Most Jewish people will tell you they MAY NOT SPEAK THE NAME, but the truth is, they DON'T KNOW THE NAME ANYMORE.  The Rabbis confused them even before YAHUW's execution!  

This is what the split in the Temple Cloth represented.  There was truth, which then became 2 nations.  YASAREL with One Absolute Truth and ISRAEL with VEILED LIES, sounding like truth, with the help of The Roman Empire, who invented Jesus (Iesus) as a replacement for YAHUWhushua/YAHUWsha/YAHUW The MeoschiYAach and they called their replacement "The Messiah".  

The JEWS just denied that YAHUWAH ever existed, never had a son called YAHUW (75% of The-Most-High) and they don't believe that YAHUW is the MeoschiYAach, who became YAHUWAH when He was Resurrected to Eternal Life by YAHUWAH Father, Almighty EL YAH.  

The Messianic and Talmudic Jewish community believe (or their Sanhedrin) that man will determine his own destiny, they are masters over the earth and that they will choose a "Miachiach" out of their own bloodline of David, who is a "good example" of Talmudic Torah keeping, in due time.  This man, whom they will anoint and appoint themselves, will become their JEWISH King of ISRAEL and he will rule the world his way, soon.  See their new website called: The 7 Noah Laws, by which they intend on Ruling and Judging all mankind by, through their Newly Appointed Supreme Court Sanhedrin of 71 men.  But if YAHUWAH MADE US FREE, who will BONDAGE US AGAIN and only YAHUWAH ETERNAL BELOVED KING OF YASAREL IS OUR JUDGE!  Not men or a man.

All who are NON-JEWS will be treated just as they did OUR SAVIOR. Death by DECAPITATION?  Also read ARTICLE:  466-Insight_into_Divine by Rabbi YDCohen to see what they think of us, Their NEW WORLD ORDER Concept and PLACING themselves ABOVE US ALL, as Supreme above all Non-Jews!

"Shatan" used "The Evil One" to print only parts of THE FAITH and REMOVING "YAHUWAH", making THE WAY of Eternal Salvation for all "IMPOSSIBLE" through lack of knowledge.  From YAHUWAH'S Original Scriptures DebariYA, which has already been Established and CONFIRMED as AN ETERNAL BLOOD COVENANT between YAHUWAH Eternal Beloved KING and HIS ESTABLISHED YASAREL Kingdom Nation for EVER as HIS BRIDE, Yehudi/Jews and Christians together, STEAL YOUR HERITAGE of FREEDOM FROM ALL BONDAGE to SINS, after forgiveness from YAHUWAH.  

"Shatan & The Evil One" used the Greek Vulgate Bible & Jewish Rabbinical Talmudic Bible, TO BUILD HIS 2 MAIN COPIES of "God's Kingdom Nations" as his OWN (Shatan), WHERE HE IS ultimately GOD and DESIRE TO BE WORSHIPPED BY ALL MANKIND, IN REBELLION TO "THE FAITH IN YAHUWAH for Eternal Salvation". 

1) "THE BEAST" "The Christian Religion" through "Churches & Its False Images and Doctrines" of Idolatry, worshipping "God & Lord" of "Pagan Sun-worship", with "God & Lord Savior Son of Zeus on the CROSS Images" for the gain of money, political power, idolatry and self-worship of man stating through his evil traditional pagan actions, that "I AM God" and I SAVE THE WORLD and PARDON YOUR SINS or NOT and by my NEW WORLD ORDER Plan with "Jewish Chosen people of God", who will be eliminating the ANTI-LIFE humans (intention) and all those who OPPOSE us/them as THE ultimate TRINITY power of the Sun-god Zeus, Lord Iesus (Jesus) and Queen of Heavens (Easter Worship). We will KEEP BELIEVERS WORSHIPPING OUR GOD & LORD on SUNDAYS, against YAHUWAH's LAWS also, and let them think we serve the same Creator.  Ho,ho,ho!  Santa (Nimrod) is in control, and you all lie to your children anyway already, so why must I tell you the truth? My conscience is clear, says "The Holy C" 

They claim:  "WE CHRISTIANS", do not need to keep to any rules of YAHUWAH nor FEAR nor LOVE HIM, for "I AM" my own judge of my own good and evil deeds and thoughts now... Jesus nailed it all to the CROSS OF ZEUS already, my little sheep! Slumber forth! My holy bible TRINITY concept already sounds just like:  "THE ORIGINAL FAITH IS YAHUWAH The Father & Savior YAHUWAH and His RUWach QadUWsha (Breath Set Apart for Eternal Salvation)."  But 'THE BIBLES' OF JEWS and Christians, are only tools of deception!  The 25% Truth in them, does not mean it will be enough to save you!  It will keep you busy and incapacitated with the result of all Lawlessness, until YAHUWAH returns to YOU, like a THIEF IN THE NIGHT!  


Calling The Creator of All Creation, by the NAME OF SHATAN which is "GOD" and "BAAL", is BLASPHEMY and THE ABOMINATION that makes YOUR HEART and MIND DESOLATE and incapable of Receiving the TRUTH of your Only Salvation IN THE NAME OF YAHUWAH, but don't tell MY dumb sheep this, they who all blindly follow the blind, just as YAHUW says in the TRUE MattithYAHUW (not called Matthew)!  They will ALL RELIGIOUSLY DEFEND JESUS AS BEING THEIR SAVIOR, EVEN KILLING their own children IN HIS NAME, Even when the True MeoschiYAach is YAHUW-CRU in GREEK P.46, never Jesus!  Not even the PROFESSORS of THEOLOGY can really read the language they teach, that is how 'IGNORANT' they are, and how sleek THE DEVIL is in them! Their pride stands in the way of truth!

This is what the Church has taught Christians to do!  DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, DON'T QUESTION OR TEST ANYTHING, and for heavens sake, DO NOT LEARN HEBREW, GREEK or AbraYA (IBRUW).  ALL "GOD'S" little BRAINWASHED lambs, willingly GOING TO THE SLAUGHTER of THE WOLF (YISRAEL) who are really WOLVES in sheep clothing!  

The ANTI-CHRIST is YAHUWAH! By modern day English definition of who the Church's christ really is, but YAHUW IS "The MeoschiYAach" and HE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE all DOING.  YAHUWAH-The-Most-High saw into the future of this plan of "The UNBELIEVERS" more than 2010 Gregorian years ago already and THIS IS WHY, YAHUWAH became YAHUWhusha LAID DOWN HIS HUMAN LIFE WILLINGLY, for all YOUR deceived "children of God & Jesus & Yahweh & Jehovah, Krishna Lords, blind followers"... to save the SHEEP from dying as 'UNBELIEVERS' to YAHUWAH, Almighty Loving YA of All Creation!  

YAHUWAH CAN NOT GO BACK ON HIS WORD AND WILL NEVER BREAK HIS OWN LAWS, and all UNBELIEVERS will go to SHEOL when they die unrepentant in their own sin, but YAHUW made a way out of this LEGALISTIC WORD TWISTING MESS OF SHATAN for you to be saved TODAY and even your whole family, even those who died and went to SHEOL, where YAHUW and US (all Warriors of YAH called His MalakiYA, Ministers of YAH, will again preach THE GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION in YAHUWAH also)!

2) THE WOLF: Judaism Religion of Jewsish G_d, without any recognition of The Son, also through self-worship of a G_d and his false Miachiach being a MAN-chosen into a Position of G_D from bloodline of David to rule over all mankind, through gain of Superiority of "being elected as "The chosen People of God", to gain trust of all ignorant and lawless Christians, their money, all power to CONTROL over millions of innocent "unbelievers" (YAHUWAH calls them sheep also) into IDOLATRY of bowing to A MAN (Controlled by Shatan), under the  PRETENSE of God's (Satan's) Image, being associated with the CREATOR called "GOD OF THE BIBLE".  The JEWS have been appointed by Shatan before the death of YAHUW, to introduce to the Confused Believers (Sheep), His Newly Appointed man-made son (Messiah from Bible coming now to them as Cohen Miachiach Jewish King through the JEWS, which images are all STOLEN from "THE FAITH in YAHUWAH and HIS BLOOD COVENANT" with YAHUWans ALREADY in The Kingdom NATION of YASAREL all (12 Tribes Scattered all over the world).  

Both these 2 RELIGIONS are only 500 - 613 years old by historic facts, and their BIBLE & TALMUD and their FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM Ruling the world by Money Systems and Power and Magic Illusions and THEIR GODs and Lords and Saviors are all referring by NATURE and ORIGIN to Shatan, who seeks to make himself just like "Into the image of being worshipped as the Most High", which he did manage to do, since long ago already. (BUT THAT IS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE NOW!) THE COMPASSION OF YAHUWAH is being poured out NOW through YASAREL only!  The winepress of YAHUWAH's Love, will force them into submission to YAHUW IN YAHUWAH and Save their lives!

Then he instructed "The Evil Men of God" to kill and remove all evidence of "THE FAITH of YAHUWAH and HIS NAME" and "The Original Word of YAH", and replace it all with HIS OWN COPIES for CONFUSION and DECEPTION, which will take "ONLY A MIRACLE of YAH" to RESTORE AND RECTIFY" in the minds of millions, who are already SOLD ON THE LIES OUT OF TRADITION OF RELIGIOUS PRACTICES OVER 600 - 2 730 YEARS of SUN-WORSHIP & MOON-WORSHIP & SELF-WORSHIP called PAGANISM and Humanism etc.  And the CHURCH destroyed much of the ORIGINAL PAPYRUS SCROLLS also... and who knows AHlenic now?  It is GREEK TO MOST of us, but there are a few NOBLE YAHUWan LANGUAGE SCHOLARS left, by the Grace of YAHUWAH!


This is the name of the EVIL ONE, disguised as THE CREATOR, but he is REALLY THE DESTROYER OF TRUTH!  The FALLEN MESSENGER... The master of Chaos, Destruction and Confusion about believing man's only SALVATION IS through THE SAVIOR YAHUWAH, THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES!  

THE ONLY NAME BY WHICH WE CAN BE SAVED, ACCORDING TO THE CREATOR'S OWN LAWS of 6 000 years ago!  The destroyer, tries his best, to use unbelieving self-righteous prideful men, to accomplish his goal, of STEALING AWAY THE DOOR to Salvation from mankind.  

IS HE WINNING?  ARE YOU ANGRY READING THIS WEBSITE?  THEN HE IS WINNING IN YOU, and YOUR SPIRIT is also AGAINST THE MOST HIGH, and you can know for sure, that YOU ARE NOT SAVED!  You are dreaming...!  PLEASE WAKE UP!  Rip that veil off your own face!

These man-made, (but Designed By SHATAN & The Destroyer Nachesh) Counterfeit Religions have been put into the minds of Evil Seeking Men, are just false copies of the truth, to FOOL ALL MANKIND into worshipping SHATAN AS MASTER BY THE NAME OF GOD.  

He knows that God is not the name of YAHUWAH, so that is why he will only be bound for 1000 years!  He is only telling a lie!  YOU ARE REBELLING AS MAN, AGAINST YOUR CREATOR, and YOU CAN DIE for this LIE.  The fallen "angel" is not human!  He is already made an eternal existing being...  AND YOU?  WHAT ARE YOU STRIVING FOR?  Do you want to die or live eternally?


Soon the man-made god will try to ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD, his new King of "ISRAEL, The kingdom of GOD", who is a Shatan-Controlled mind in "that MAN HIMSELF" and 'his Selfish Human Nature' turned 'EVIL against YAHUWAH', and he will proclaim that "HE IS THE MIACHIACH", which Christianity have been worshipping and waiting for... Sounds like MESSIAH  Jesus Christ anyway right!  The power of suggestion!!!  That story will quickly just have to vanish... as a little white lie or a Prince of God of the fallen church, (Circe/Sorcery), who only invented their own "Messiah" Copy called Jesus, without the Yehudi/Jewish/Hebrew Approval and recognition of Jesus Christ, whatever... they will lie to explain it away...)  Just as nobody can or WILL do anything about the PRIESTS RAPING little helpless innocent CHILDREN DAILY, nobody will do anything about this "white lie of the Church" then either!  Mark my words!  Whose fault is it, that children are not safe in society anymore? Who keeps both their parents in slavery to money?  And demand to take 10% of what they take home also?

Believe it or not, people will not even see this as a HUGE CONSPIRACY as it is... but they will EMBRACE and ACCEPT the NEW deception eagerly ALSO, unless they KNOW THE TRUTH!  

THIS WEBSITE, AND MANY OTHERS, WILL PROCLAIM THE TRUTH FOR A WHILE, until the time is up!  The NEW WOLD ORDER would not want THE TRUTH to be available to anyone for long.  YOU KNOW THIS... DEEP DOWN IN YOUR MIND.  You also know that "King Arthur" and his knights, killed YAHUWans, NOT CHRISTIANS!  The Roman Empire who ordered the killing of millions of 'FREEDOM SEEKERS', were Christians themselves, making the sign of the cross!  WAKE UP!  The wrong side is being advertised as the good side in the story!

These 2 Babylons, have influenced and sparked many other Sister Religions of their 2 Mothers, over the past 1 930 years, like Islam, Hindu, Al-Qaida, Buddism, Angligan, Lubavitch, Moamides, Christ Church, Christ Assemblies, Church of Scientology, Universal Church, Rhema Church, Full Gospel Church, Jehova's Witness, Amish, Seventh Day Adventists, New Covenant Church, Salvation Army, Logos Church, NG Church, Apostolic Church, Orthodox Church, Protestant Church, Holy Cross Church, Methodist Church, Evangelic Church, Jews for Jesus, New Reformed Church, Assembly of God, and many more Denominations of these 2 Babylonian Pagan Religions.  Are they any different from one another? NO, THEY ARE ALL LAWLESS to YAHUWAH's Covenant Words!  But do they see it? No!  But do their children see it?  YES!  They are the "outcasts" the 'EMO' GENERATION, without Hope and suffering great depression and oppression and they don't believe in LOVE anymore!  Truth is LIES and Lies became Truth!  They see that love is now Hate and Hate is really love and sex and drugs and lawlessness combined in parties for life!

(Pagan is anything REBELLING against YAHUWAH's Design and HIS NAME).  The Creator of All Creation ALMIGHTY YAHUWAH, IS NOT TO BE BELITTLED and called after IDOLS and the Names of all idols are gods, baal & elohim and lord.  How do we know that they are PAGAN RELIGIONS?  Because they use the words of "GOD" and "LORD" for their deities, whom you worship blindly following the blind all the way to the valley of THE DEAD!  Ask a Satanist what they call Satan, to see if you call your Master any different!

This is why YAHUWAH says to you all, TO COME OUT OF THESE FALSE BELIEFS AND RELIGIONS, MY PEOPLE!"  He IS speaking to YOU who are sincerely thinking and praying to THE CREATOR "by false names and images", but with a PURE HEART OF INTENTION to SEEK for HIM. "but you asked for bread, and they gave you a "stone".  What kind of father is this, which would do this to you?  "The father of lies!"  Call no man father or Rabbi for you only have ONE FATHER YAHUWAH and ONE RabbonYA, whom you can really trust with your life!

What you have HAD ALL ALONG, is a cup of wine mixed with vinegar!  It is unacceptable to YAHUWAH The Savior, since the Execution Pole (upright TREE)! (NEVER A CROSS) He refused to drink it then, and HE IS REFUSING TO ACCEPT IT NOW ALSO.  But what are YOU DOING?  Are you drinking it?  Why don't you rather drink HIS LIVING WATER called YAHUWAH?

If you study all these "Sacred Books" of each Religion, you will find that they ALL ORIGINATED with YAHUWAH Almighty Creator of All Creation!  Many languages even RETAINED THIS NAME UNTIL TODAY!  Most became corrupt in their ways, through a man's pen and bias opinion and Evil HEARTS of Assassins & Templars & Jesuit Priests, etc.!  Remember that Shatan, never left the earth, he remained, after YAHUWAH left to go to His Father!  

While YAHUW went to Rip off the gates of Sheol for 3 days {representing 3000 years from the day YAHUW entered the TEMPLE for the very first time (12yrs old)}, Satan was very busy stirring up smoke-screens and mirror images to CONFUSE people and to DENY THE TRUTH to Millions of souls!  (Well, he is trying to...)  

And which Religion can tell you what the correct time is today, in THE CREATOR'S CALENDAR?  Who has the ONLY 100% ACCURATE SCRIPTURAL CALENDAR OF (ENOCH) ChanUWk TODAY?  We, do!  YASAREL has it and you can find it on this website under "ALWAYS" TAB ABOVE and in "The Original Scriptures" neatly laid out and explained in simple English or in the back of The King's Covenant E1!

IT IS the final TIME, for "THE FAITH in YAHUWAH" to BE RESTORED to this Restored YASAREL, THE KINGDOM NATION OF YAHUWAH, once AGAIN on this old EARTH, at the start of THE LATTER DAY (which already started at PASSOVER 2008/2009 we believe).  

THIS YEAR 2010 AD, is 2017 AY, also about 5993 years since Ahdam & ChauwAH Started from AHrden (Eden) and moved into the pagan world.  (The world was pagan, because of "The Deceiver" which was thrown out of AHrden (Eden), with AHdam, YAish and his IshAH, at about the same time or just before they left, evil was already on earth, since then and YAHUW-The-Savior saw this when He was still With His Father YAHUWAH!

There are only approximately 7 years left (According to YAHUWAH's Calendar & the clues found in the Original Word, which we are still busy studying and unravelling) until the 6 000 years of AHdam (Man of YA) and IshAH (Woman of YA) on Earth is fulfilled.  

Then YAHUWAH HAS Told us He would return to cleanse the Earth, to remove all Evil and Bind Shatan "The Deceiver/Destroyer" for 1 000 years and Restore Earth.  Wether you believe how much time has passed already or not, is not important now, but that HE IS COMING SOON, is the MOST IMPORTANT POINT of this WEBSITE MESSAGE TODAY. 

Because of Shatan's cunning smooth plans and that of "The Evil One" helping him and a NEW WORLD ORDER to ENSLAVE and put into BONDAGE, all "blindly believing sheep" with "The Mark of the Beast quickly" (Bio-Chip/Veri-Chip) to force the worship of "Their Believable image" of "GOD OF ISRAEL" and Shatan's "New coming King Miachiach of THE JEWISH LUBAVITCHER SECT, and the planned slaughter of all who will refuse to BOW DOWN TO THIS SUPREME MAN or Rule System,...  YAHUWAH TSADIQI "RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAHUWAH" WILL COME QUICKLY TO RESCUE YASAREL, and ALL the Lost Sheep, who has not chosen the Beast Image yet, they will know YAHUWAH.

The ONES WHO ARE GOING TO KILL AND RULE IN GOD'S NAME, are the men and women who killed the REAL MEOSCHIYAACH YAHUWAH already 2010 Gregorian years ago!  Why would anyone believe them today or tomorrow then???  Because their drive for money and slavery to money and material things, will keep them too busy to notice and think clearly!

Through Sorcery of "THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS AND THE DECEIVER".  In REVELATIONS he is referred to by YAHUWAH'S ANGELS AS THE DRAGON!  That means HE IS Leviathon, the Dragon, which men can not kill or destroy, WHICH LIVES IN THE SEA on EARTH, since long ago already!  He helps YAHUWAH to tell the difference, between PURE HEARTS and EVIL HEARTS.  Like a "PET OF YA".

YAHUWAH Eternal Beloved KING, WHO IS KING ABOVE ALL kings, HAS promised YAHUWans to "SHORTEN HIS COMING, LEST NONE SHALL BE FOUND ALIVE". (By that day of 6 000 yr completed or before, but now THE EXPECTED RETURN TIME OF YAHUWAH, is being shortened to a much sooner day!  HalleleuYAH!!!  COME YAHUWAH MASTER, COME NOW PLEASE?    

This is why, OUR MESSAGE TO YOU TODAY, is BOLD, CLEAR, DIRECT and TO THE COLD POINT, to all who hears and sees and can discern, through YAHUWAH's RUWach QadUWsha (Set Apart SPIRIT BREATH OF YAH for Eternal Salvation), what LITTLE TIME REALLY IS LEFT TO get USED TO HIS NAME, call on HIS NAME,  REPENT of your IDOLATRY and Ignoring Him for years and to HAVE FAITH in HIS NAME, learn His Ways, Read the DebariYA and to MAKE STRAIGHT YOUR PATH TO HIM... 

This is THE START OF THE GREAT BATTLE FOR ALL SOULS ON EARTH, BEFORE YAHUWAH's COMING..!  "This generation, will see YAHUWAH is FAITHFUL, just AS HE PROMISED to us through ALL HIS PROPHETS and His 12 MattithYAHUW (MalakiYA) that YAHUWAH WILL RETURN TO EARTH...and hopefully the Faithful Sheep of HIS FLOCK, would still be ALIVE and in THE FAITH of YAHUWAH to be SAVED ALSO WE PRAY.  

Nobody is SAVED, until YAHUWAH comes, but all believers in YAHUW, called by HIS NAME, the YAHUWans, receives through Faith and Immersion into HIS SAVING NAME "YAHUWAH The Savior", immediate FORGIVENESS for ALL THEIR SINS, to receive His RUWach QadUWsha Eternal Spirit into them. He Empowers Believers to receive YAHUWAH's Authority over Shatan, to PROTECT YOUR BELIEVING FAITHFUL MIND in the coming CHAOS intended and planned by Shatan and which his priests predicted in their Bibles and all the websites also in their own plans!

In the NAME OF YAHUWAH The Savior, WARRIORS of YAHUWAH, will Spiritually war against UNBELIEF from Shatan and will OVERCOME EVIL and SIN of UNBELIEF, until the very end.  

WE HAVE TO KEEP THE SABBATH WEEKLY on the 7th Day of the Week, (saturday, sorry YAHUWAH), to be counted as YAHUWAH's Set-Apart child!  His Sabbath, is on 7th Day during daylight time only, not Sunday of Sun-worship of the Church Businesses, to buy off your guilt to carry on with sins for another 6 days in lawlessness and ignorance of The Faith in YAH!  

This SABBATH KEEPING of YAHUWAH's COVENANT WORDS Read and Sworn To, are ONE SEVENTH OF the SIGNS given TO THE ANGELS, TO Passover THOSE WHO KEEP THE ETERNAL SIGNS in their FOREHEADS and minds and HIS NAME, together with His Other 10 + 3 Covenant Words of LOVE.  

You have to KEEP THE WHOLE COVENANT, to be saved in the end.  It is really NOT THAT DIFFICULT to keep, once you HAVE HIS NAME RIGHT!  His Spirit will come to you to help you KEEP THEM and if you slip, your sincere prayer for forgiveness immediately, will help you back up!  Then you are FREE from the guilt and shame of sin and Death for ever!

YAHUWAH THE KING, will come on THE SABBATH, as HE IS THE MASTER AND HIGH PRIEST OF THE SABBATH and He will find US, His YASAREL YAHUWans who have FAITHFULLY SWORN ALLEGIANCE TO YAHUWAH ONLY, doing HIS WORK ON SABBATH.  Healing, Teaching and Preaching His Salvation and we will ALL be saved!   We are expecting the RIGHT KING EAGERLY.  What ARE YOU DOING on His QadUWsha Sabbaths?  Come now!  Let us show you the way!  It is FUN ALSO!  Better than YOU could ever imagine!  Have you and your children have had enough of LIES and DECEPTIONS?